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As a parent, you are central to our work as a Trust. We work in partnership with each of our schools and communities, these are your schools and we work with you to create the best educational experiences for every child.

Fun, creativity and achievement is at the heart of everything we do and we work hard to develop, recruit and retain the very best teachers who have the drive, energy and attributes to deliver the very best educational experience for your children.

We invest in our schools and help them work together to share the best ideas, the latest thinking and challenge each other to make sure they all continue to improve so you can rest assured your child is receiving the highest quality educational experience.

Of course, not all our schools are the same. Some are new, some are established as outstanding, some have previously under achieved. What is important though, is that we have a proven track record of delivering excellent education at our schools regardless of where they are on their journey.


Wootton Hope Drive, Wootton Fields, Northampton, NN4 6BU

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