Hello and welcome to Preston Hedges Trust ā€“ a Trust which I passionately believe offers the very best opportunities to all our pupils throughout each of our schools. Iā€™m confident these opportunities are the best in the region.


Our vision is to create fun working and learning environments to encourage happy and confident learners. We take great pride in our creative curriculum, with teachers and leaders delivering first class education experiences in creative and inspiring places and spaces. We have a relentless energy and drive towards achievement allowing us to consistently deliver the highest educational outcomes for our children

It is these three principles – Fun, Creativity and Achievement ā€“ which are central to everything we do to provide exceptional educational experiences for all our children.

We hold high expectations for all our schools to make sure each and every child has the opportunity to develop through our tailor-made curriculum; building aspiration, moral guidance, fun and creativity alongside academic achievement.

Our highly skilled, energetic and creative teaching staff make sure we constantly drive forward standards and deliver continuous school improvement across all of our schools ā€“ regardless of where they are on their individual journey. We share a collective passion across our Trust to make all our schools excellent, and we work together to share ideas, spread best practice and challenge each other.

The very best teachers who want to work hard and thrive are attracted to work with us to engage and inspire children whilst also developing their own expertise, knowledge and professional career. Together we are relentless in our pursuit of delivering excellent experiences, school improvement and fun, creativity and achievement in all our schools.

Paul Watson


Wootton Hope Drive, Wootton Fields, Northampton, NN4 6BU