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The way our governance is structured makes sure we are an open and transparent organisation with clear accountability and roles and responsibilities.

MEMBERS: The five members ensure the Trust is true to its constitution and fulfils all its commitments in terms of its charitable status.

TRUSTEES: Trustees meet as a group known as the Trust Board. This has the strategic and legal oversight of all our activities. The board decides our strategic direction, reviews our performance and creates and reviews all of the policies and practices involved in the running of our schools.

TRUST COMMITTEES: There are four committees which oversee the critical functions of the Trust. These are the Performance Committee, the Audit Risk and Compliance Committee and the Finance Committee.


EXECUTIVE TEAM: The Executive Team focuses on operations, resources and supporting the educational performance of our schools. It is led by the Chief Executive. This team works directly with staff in each school to make sure our strategic plan and each school development plan is being delivered and that the required outcomes form the Trust Board’s purpose and vision are being achieved.

FAMILIES IN PARTNERSHIP: From September each school will have its own Families in Partnership group made up of the Trustees, the school Principal, elected parents, nominated parents and members of the local community. This model of local governance increases even further the opportunities for parents and members of the local community to get involved in our schools.


Wootton Hope Drive, Wootton Fields, Northampton, NN4 6BU