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Preston Hedges Trust Pupil Parliament

Preston Hedges Trust believes every child has a voice that matters, each school in the Trust has 4 pupil representatives from Year 6. These children were voted in by their peers, after writing manifesto’s during National Parliament week.

The Trust Pupil Parliament meet regularly throughout the year, where they feed back updates from their schools, acting as the voice of pupils from their community.

It is very important to us, as a Trust, to ensure children understand the power of their voice and the difference they can make, as well as allowing them to opportunity to work with the Trust Executive team to shape Trust initiatives, positively impacting the educational experience of all of their peers.

Involvement within the Trust Pupil parliament allows children the opportunity to really develop their understanding and experience of democracy as well as experience of leadership, providing them opportunities that will be hugely beneficial in the next step in their educational career and beyond.

Our current Trust Pupil Parliament aims:

  • Pupil input on the future proofing of Ed Tech,
  • How we support children’s mental health, linked to this years children mental health theme “Your voice matters”
  • How we can create healthier / happier playtimes

Our first meeting took place on Wednesday 14th February 2024 – more details to follow shortly


Wootton Hope Drive, Wootton Fields, Northampton, NN4 6BU

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